Adventure types


At Kidexpo, children will be filled with knowledge and will have the opportunity to explore the world that surround them, which will be a place for knowledge and discovery. Here, kids will wonder about science, history, languages, art, literature, music, environmental protection, society roles and they also are going to find their own way into the answers at the same time they are having fun! (Read More…)

Through playful workshops, kids will live experiences that will stimulate all their senses: touch, smell, vision, hearing and taste. This with the purpose of educate them, for example, about a healthier diet.

Kidexpo also will go back in time and will offer to kids a real jump to the past, giving them the opportunity to discover the reason of some of the biggest historical landmarks.

Kidexpo will be an opportunity to learn about prevention and care against household dangers, and also to increase the public conscience about ecology.

Adult people will not stay outside, considering that learning take place at any age. At Kidexpo, parents and families will also be discovering new solutions to make their lives more fun.

Kidexpo will be an opportunity for kids to learn by playing, knowing and discovering new games and toys to share with family and friends, in a variety of modalities, such as board games, construction games, dolls, high technology, creative leisure, books, didactic games, among others.

Families at Kidexpo will be able to find ideas for presents, knowing the Christmas trends of 2020. Is an opportunity to feel the pulse of the toys and games’ market.

Sport Activities are essential for the growth of kids.
At Kidexpo, kids will discover with sports and exercise an entertaining way to have a great time with their family and friends, where they also will be taught about how to take care themselves and have a healthy eating. (Read More…)

Thanks to numerous sport activities, they will move with energy and will be surprised of their physical abilities, which will be a good way to develop their minds, promoting inclusion, empathy in community, self-care and the assumption of responsibilities with the family.