Activities in KIDEXPO

Kidexpo invites you to discover, play and share worlds through multiple
activities, either in an entertaining adventure to learn through playing, or practice and move participating in our numerous sports clinics.

Your brand has a unique opportunity to interact with more than 10,000 adventurers and their families.

You will be able to invite them to learn and have fun, together with the opportunity of showing them innovations and entertaining products that you develop with special dedication.

  • Kidexpo Stage: you can be part of this with your brand, participating in the Entertaining program with a show or activity for the more than 10,000 adventurers.
  • Activations: Thematic areas assembled and equipped where your brand will make kids to be entertained. #Learn, #Play, #LetsMove
  • Kidexpo Club: Invite children to share with your brand the arrival of their favorite characters to live an unforgettable adventure.

Be part of Kidexpo 2020!

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